Farm 't Hof Janse

The farm house is the most recent addition to the portfolio of Villa Magnolia. The farm was built in the 1860’s by the Janse family and was the centre of their home and business. The farm was run as a family business until the land and the farm were acquired by Villa Magnolia in 2012. The farm house was renovated together with London based HBA/Hirsch Bedner Associates into a warm and modern rural escape. All accommodations at the farm offer a luxury feeling, a sense of place, and are in our opinion a true home away from home. 

All rooms are decorated with reproductions of the “The Hague School” (De Haagse School) group of painters. This informal collective was most active between 1860 and 1890. Their works can be seen as a reaction against the idealized reality of the romantic painters. Instead, the members of the Hague School set out to paint that what they could observe, that what was reality.  
Not only do we love the intense image but the subject matter is often the sea, the ally and enemy of the province of Zeeland. The colours of the early works are in keeping with the colours of the farm and that era, complementing the architecture of the building and transporting us back to the 19th century. Villa Magnolia can commission reproductions of the works of The Hague School, an agreement made directly with the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. 

We like to tell stories through the products we use and love to share them with you. The tiles used in the bathrooms at the Farm House are made by Mosa, one of the oldest tile-firms in the Netherlands, they have been around for over 130 years. This firm works with the cradle-to-cradle principle, reducing waste and re-using everything that is produced. Moreover the tiles are all in keeping with the style of the original farm and give the bathrooms a warm and comfortable feel.  
To remain true to the original, all floors in the farm are oak floorboards in a beach colour that bring the sea closer to you.
The beds in the Farm House are all king-size Eastborn box spring beds. The matrasses can be adjusted to your comfort.

Our aim at the Farm is to make you feel at home, warm and comfortable, with no luxuries to spare. The attention to detail give the accommodations in the Farm House a modern feel, but with a nod to the original. Treat yourself to the best that Zeeland has to offer and make yourself at home.

Farm Suite with bath

Farm Suite with terrace

Farm Room with terrace and hottub

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