Our Service

We'll do anything to make your stay exceptional

At Villa Magnolia, we value the relationship we have with our guests. Our philosophy is based on the ancient Greek concept of Xenia, a guest-friendship. The idea of Xenia and the implications of this relationship are vividly illustrated by both the Iliad and the Odyssey. Xenia is the belief that guests are not mere unknown passers-by, but could be gods in disguise. Therefore, travellers should be treated as one would treat a god. Xenia to Villa Magnolia emphasises the reciprocal relationship between a guest and a host. A room at Villa Magnolia is not merely a room, it is an invitation to join in and share the enjoyment of the experience.

We have translated ancient Greek hospitality to modern comfort. A stay at Villa Magnolia is a true getaway, an opportunity to relax and forget about time. A stroll on the beach could take half an hour, but it might just as well be all afternoon. The forests around the Villa and the nature reserve at Oranjezon give you the chance to escape the busy surroundings of an urban jungle and instead give you the opportunity to come across a bit of true jungle.
During your stay, the Team of Villa Magnolia will be there to make your time with us unforgettable. We welcome you as a guest, but as a friend as well, and we will make sure your time at Villa Magnolia will be truly exceptional. If you leave Villa Magnolia, but you like to take it a little bit to home? Villa Magnolia offers all kinds of souvenirs that will make your stay even more memorable.