An elegant farewell

Parting with our loved ones often happens unexpectedly. A lot has to be arranged in a short period of time in order to create a memorial service befitting to the person you lost. We would like to support you in the organization of an elegant service. Our hospitable team is experienced in the organization of memorable and respectful farewells. 

We offer several possibilities for your memorial service. The condolence visit can be held in the stately hall of the Villa and the memorial or reception in our Conservatory. We can host up to 32 guests for your ceremony. We also offer the choice of an intimate lunch or dinner before or after the memorial service. 

In the days leading up to the ceremony it is important that you are offered all the time and space to create a warm and personal farewell. Our trusted funeral director Compassie Uitvaartzorg can support you every step of the process. We also welcome a funeral director of your choice. 

Compassie Funeral Directors – With simplicity and style 

The passing of a loved one is followed by a difficult time for relatives. Feelings of sadness, impotence and at times anger, set in. At the same time, arrangements and choices have to be made. During this mournful period, one needs assistance to overcome the first weeks, to help make arrangements and to ensure quality, professionality and respect at all times. 

Jannie Ruitenburg and Karin Wouters, funereal directors at Compassie Uitvaartzorg, would like to support you during these times. 

The name Compassie, which translates to compassion, means “moved”. This name has been chosen as Jannie and Karin want to support you with comfort and care, especially during these difficult days. Together with you they will create a warm and personal farewell. Service and compassion are the core values of their vision on the role of a funeral director. As they remain in the background they will make all the necessary arrangements for the memorial service with the greatest respect for the deceased and those that mourn the loss. 

The Conservatory provides an excellent setting to celebrate and remember your loved one.