Farah Marzak Copywriter

Farah Marzak

Based in Rotterdam, Farah works as a text writer and communications consultant. She has a background in art studies and a master’s degree in Business Studies from the Rotterdam School of Management. Her first visit to Villa Magnolia was in 2015, when she spend several weeks there as part of a work experience project to kickstart her career as a text writer. Since then she has been writing and editing the texts for the website, welcome statements and other communications.

Favourite place at Villa Magnolia

The gardens are Farah’s favourite place, because every garden has its own character. In the morning, you can spot some of the wildlife, whilst in the afternoon it is the perfect place to relax in the sun. The Tea Pavilion, made from the stained-glass windows of the former conservatory, is a comfortable spot to enjoy the gardens even when the weather is bad.

Farah’s recommendations

A visit to Oostkapelle is a true escape from a busy city and a perfect opportunity to explore Zeeland by bike. Farah recommends renting a bike and visiting the beekeepers at Imkerij Poppendamme in Grijpskerke. The Imkerij features a permanent exposition on beekeeping as well as a spacious terrace where they serve delicious coffee and homemade honey ice-cream. For art lovers, there is plenty to see, especially in Domburg. The days of Toorop and Mondriaan come to life in the many galleries and during the events these galleries organize.