Heleen Housekeeping


After high school, Heleen obtained a degree in Physical Therapy, and worked as a therapist in Goes for over 8 years. Before joining the staff of Villa Magnolia in 2008, she owned her own furniture store for over 14 years.

Favourite place at Villa Magnolia

In 1994, Heleen celebrated her marriage at Villa Magnolia. Her favourite spot has to be the stairwell, where her wedding pictures where taken. But she also enjoys the Farmhouse of ‘t Hof Janse. The refurbishment that combined the old details from the farmhouse with a warm and luxurious feel makes it the perfect accommodation for a great getaway.

Heleen’s recommendations

As a resident of Middelburg, Heleen has all the insiders’ tips for a visit to this city. She recommends a visit to the Abbey of this old city. The court of the Abbey shows the rich history of the town and is home to the Zeeland Nazomer Festival each year.
The Zeeuws Museum, located in a beautiful and historic building, teaches you all about the history of Zealand. If you cannot get enough of this idyllic city, Heleen recommends you visit the Kuiperspoort as well. This picturesque court of alms-houses lies hidden between the Dam and the Rouaanse Kaai.