Jos Maintenance


Jos Troy and Wilma Troy – Den Herder acquired Villa Magnolia in 1985. Before his days as a hotelier, he worked at L.T.S. Offshore building offshore rigs. For his work, he travelled all over the world, most notably to Scotland, Norway, Indonesia and South Africa. Jos’ is of Scottish descent, as the family name. His father is a Scotsman and met his mother, originally from Arnemuiden, during the war. They wed in 1946.
Jos Troy is an all-round handyman who enjoys working on the maintenance of the gardens and buildings at Villa Magnolia.

Favourite place at Villa Magnolia

The Farmhouse ‘t Hof Janse is Jos’ favourite building on the Villa grounds. This old farm that was operational well into the 21st century, has been beautifully refurbished and now beams comfort and authenticity. Jos can often be found in the gardens and maintenance shed. Here he fixes everything that requires his attention.

Jos’ recommendations

Veere is a beautiful quaint town close to Villa Magnolia. It is here, at City Hall, where Jos and Wilma wed. Their wedding reception was held in ‘t Waepen van Veere. These days, the restaurant still offers local cuisine on an outstanding level.
Jos is a loyal customer to Multimate in Serooskerke, where he buys his building supplies and the staff are always around to share their building and construction tips. Jos selects the beautiful trees and plants around the Villa at Tree Nursery Coppoolse.