Maaike Housekeeping


Maaike started working at Villa Magnolia well before Wilma and Jos Troy owned the hotel. At 13 years old, Maaike mainly worked in housekeeping during the summer, under the guidance of former owner Mrs Picket. She worked at various hotels and restaurants. After high school, Maaike pursued a degree in Child & Youth Care but has previously also worked as a dental assistant.
Maaike mainly works in housekeeping but helps with breakfast services in the Conservatory as well.

Favourite place at Villa Magnolia

The cosy atmosphere of the Villa makes it feel more like a home than a hotel, according to Maaike. Upon entering, the central hall gives you a sense of belonging. No one room is decorated in the same manner, giving every space unique character. Maaike also enjoys spending time in the Conservatory, where one can enjoy a scrumptious breakfast whilst taking in the sun and the beautiful view over the gardens of Villa Magnolia.

Maaike's recommendations

Maaike likes to explore cities alike Veere and Zierikzee. The historic buildings in the city and the boats in the harbour make for an experience that never goes dull. She also recommends a visit to waterpark Neeltje Jans. There is plenty to do and see, both for adults and children, and lots to learn about the Delta Works that protect the Netherlands from the sea.