Environmentally and socially responsible

Sustainability is in our DNA. At Villa Magnolia we aim to provide the greatest experiences possible for all of our guests whilst preserving what we have for future generations. For us, sustainability is not an alternative, it is the standard. Sustainability is not only taking care of the environment, but building long-term relationships with all stakeholders that benefit all involved. We believe that every person, every business, can be sustainable in two ways. Firstly, by being green, second, by being social. We are proud that TripAdvisor has named Villa Magnolia one of its Green Leaders and has appreciated the hotel at Gold Level

In our rooms

The power used at Villa Magnolia is generated from renewable sources such as water and wind. We try to limit the usage of water all trough Villa Magnolia by using a limiting faucet. However, you will not notice any of that the showers are still warm, strong and soothing. In recent years we have remodelled and refurbished quite a bit of our buildings. We aim to restore the buildings in such a way as that they receive energy label A, which are the most energy efficient buildings. All paper products at Villa Magnolia are eco-certified, from the toilet paper in your room to the papers used in our offices. All of our cleaning detergents are eco-certified as well. We try to minimize our impact on the environment and regularly measure our chemical output to minimize our chemical footprint.

Food en Beverage

When selecting the products available to our guests at breakfast and in our honesty bar, sustainability is a deciding factor. You’ll find organic wines, locally produced juices as well as snacks and sweets from family companies who share the same values as we do in our honesty bar. The coffee and tea served at breakfast is organic and fair-trade. The reason we try to work with local purveyors is twofold. We think it is very important to help preserve the artisanal trades and products that can be found in Walcheren. Moreover, by sourcing locally we limit the transportation time and cost, and the impact on the environment.

In our Community

At Villa Magnolia, we believe sustainability also means being socially responsible for those around you. We feel a strong connection to Oostkapelle, its citizens and culture. The guest soaps that can be found in your room are produced by 's Heeren Loo, a foundation that works with people with disabilities. Another initiative we support is Stichting Orionis, a foundation working with people that for several reasons have a large distance to the job market. Villa Magnolia has one position filled trough Orionis. Moreover, we aim to have a diverse team working with us and invest in schooling and courses for our employees. Our hotelier, Jerry J. Troy, is a board member of the business council of Veere and active in multiple social and cultural initiatives. Villa Magnolia is one of the proud sponsors of the summer night concerts in Oostkapelle. These classical concerts are organised all through the summer and bring a great variety of musical performances to the town. If you are visiting us in the summer months, we warmly invite you to visit one of those concerts in the church of Oostkapelle. 

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