Inclement weather

What to do when the weather is bad?

Some say it always rains in the Netherlands, it’s humid and cold. We have two answers for these people; have you never been to England would be one of them. The other is that because the coastline knows such strong winds, the weather can change within minutes. A day that started out gloomy can become very bright.
We work hard to ensure that your experience with us is an unforgettable one, however, unfortunately we cannot control the weather. But there is plenty to do and see on those rare days when it’s raining or cold outside. We believe a walk along the coastline is only really refreshing when it is a tad cold. Warm sweaters and a good scarf will get you there. Enjoy the coastline and go for a hot chocolate milk at one of the many beachside café’s afterwards.

When it’s raining, no one wants to be outside. But, there is a selection of board games located in the teahouse. What better way to spend an afternoon cuddled up inside playing a game all together whilst enjoying a cup of tea? 
A visit to the cinema the CineCity would also be nice. In the Netherlands, all movies are shown in the original language apart from children’s movies. However, they often offer both options, so please check with the movie theatre. The movie theatre is a bit of a drive, as it is located in Vlissingen.

If you are travelling with children and the rain is putting a damper on your mood, it is good to know that there is an indoor play park, Minimundi in Middelburg that will keep your kids happy and entertained for hours. A similar playground, Zwierelantijn, can be found in Aagtekerke.
If you’re feeling sportive but the rain is letting you down, you could always go climb the Lange Jan, the tower of the Abby in Middelburg. A fun activity when it’s dry as well, the 207 steps taken will give you a great view over the city and its surroundings.