Restaurants guide

An overview of the best restaurants in the neighbourhood

Food brings people together. Whether it’s a simple home cooked meal or a three-course dinner, good food fuels conversation. We have selected the following restaurants in the area as our favourites. Please let us know if you would us to make a reservation for you at any of the following places.

At the next favourites you get offered by presentation of Villa Magnolia Guest Card (available from your host / hostess), on behalf of us an aperitif if you order a dinner with at least two courses. Exception: from four courses at restuarant Mezger and for the Boterkapel, two courses per person: a main course plus a starter or dessert. The selected restaurants also gladly help you out if you have specific (diet) requirements. Please, tell us if we can help you arrange dinner reservations

De Visbar, Domburg

This restaurant offers a variety of fresh fish for both lunch and dinner. The menu features stunning fish dishes and we warmly recommend you to try the Zeeuwse oyster here. The restaurant is located in the vibrant heart of Domburg.
4357 BE Domburg
Tel: 0118-584434

Restaurant het Badpaviljoen, Domburg

Het Badpaviljoen, typically open from 11:00-23:00 daily, is located right on top of the dunes. It is a proud member of the Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe and welcomes you in a more formal setting. Expect exclusive and refined dishes set in a beautiful décor.
Badhuisweg 21
4357 AV Domburg
Tel: 0118-582405

De Werf, Veere

At De Werf is everything within reach, situated on the most beautiful place in Veere. In the lovely restaurant and on the big terrace you’ll enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of the town of Veere.
Bastion 2
4351 BG Veere
Tel: 0118 502 105

De Boterkapel, Domburg

Right in the centre of Domburg a modern and dynamic restaurant with guts is located; ‘de Boterkapel’. Be surprised by their international cuisine with an Asian twist. The dishes are prepared in the bustling heart of the restaurant; the open kitchen.
Ooststraat 18
4357 BE Domburg 
Tel: +31118-236040 

Mezger, Domburg

Enjoy a great night out with a culinary experience at Mezger in Domburg. Rich flavours and excellent hospitality in a modern yet atmospheric ambiance. Highly recommended for both lunch and diner! FYI: at Mezger you will recceive a house aperitief from four courses. 
Domburgseweg 28
4357 NH Domburg 
Tel: +3118-744038 


You can’t use our guest card at the addresses below, but we also like to share our local favourites in Oostkapelle:

Lage Duintjes 
Enjoy ‘Zeeuwse hospitality’ on the beach of Oostkapelle. A tip from us: dining on the terrace with the setting sun.

Het Kaslokaal 
You can taste Zeeland in this cozy tea garden! A combination of a beautiful garden, a nature filled gift shop and homemade treats. 

De Babbelaar
Accessible dishes from different cuisines, a drink with matching bites or just a relaxing drink on their terrace. 

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