Restaurant guide

An overview of the best restaurants in the neighbourhood

Food brings people together. Whether it’s a simple home cooked meal or a three-course dinner, good food fuels conversation. We have selected the following restaurants in the area as our favourites. Please let us know if you would us to make a reservation for you at any of the following places.

At the next favourites you get offered by presentation of Villa Magnolia Guest Card (available from your host / hostess), on behalf of us an aperitif if you order a dinner with at least two courses. The selected restaurants also gladly help you out if you have specific (diet) requirements. Please, tell us if we can help you arrange dinner reservations



De Visbar, Domburg

This restaurant offers a variety of fresh fish for both lunch and dinner. The menu features stunning fish dishes and we warmly recommend you to try the Zeeuwse oyster here. The restaurant is located in the vibrant heart of Domburg.
4357 BE Domburg
Tel: 0118-584434

Restaurant het Badpaviljoen, Domburg

Het Badpaviljoen, typically open from 11:00-23:00 daily, is located right on top of the dunes. It is a proud member of the Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe and welcomes you in a more formal setting. Expect exclusive and refined dishes set in a beautiful décor.
Badhuisweg 21
4357 AV Domburg
Tel: 0118-582405

Strand 90, Domburg

During the season this restaurant is open from 11:00 onward. Strand 90, located right at the beach, offers great food in a fetterless environment. The restaurant is well known for its fish and pasta dishes which are served throughout the day. This restaurant has a collaboration with the famed champagne house of Veuve Cliquot and these bubbles accompany their dishes very well.
Duinovergang De Watertoren, Domburg
5357 ZG Domburg
Tel: 0118-586650

't Waepen van Veere, Veere

’t Waepen van Veere has been around since 1972 and sits beautifully in the old centre of Veere. The restaurant is renowned for their lobster dishes, created with lobster fresh from the Oosterschelde. The restaurant uses local produce and the menu varies based on the catch of the day. When you’re lucky this means a beautiful turbot, but if not the sole meuniere is equally tasty. When in season, ‘t Waepen will serve delicious game dishes. We warmly recommend you to experience this restaurant, which is open daily from 10:00 to 21:00 (in the winter season the kitchen closes at 20:30)
Markt 23-27
4351 AG Veere
Tel: 0118-501231

De Werf, Veere

At De Werf is everything within reach, situated on the most beautiful place in Veere. In the lovely restaurant and on the big terrace you’ll enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of the town of Veere. De Werf is opened daily from at 11, in wintertime at 12.
Bastion 2
4351 BG Veere
Tel: 0118 502 105

De Gespleten Arent, Middelburg

In the centre of Middelburg you can find “de Gespleten Arent”, a renowned restaurant serving the best Zeeland has to offer. The Gespleten Arent offers fine dining in a contemporary setting and was awarded a Bib Gourmand in 2014. The restaurant offers an impressive Oosterscheldekreeft menu (Lobster from the Oosterschelde) but has plenty of variety on the menu. The restaurant is opened from Monday till Saturday for dinner, from 18:00-21:00. The restaurant is closed on Sunday.
Vlasmarkt 25-27
4331 PC Middelburg
Tel: 0118-636122

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