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Villa Magnolia, a house with a history 

As we all know, first impressions are important. Driving up to the Villa for the first time, you will notice the stately and serious façade of the house. The woodwork and floral arrangements give the Villa a soft and welcoming character. The entrance features columns, a neoclassical influence, but the remainder of the Villa is designed in Jugendstil or Art Nouveau. This style is most noticeable when you take a stroll around the house. Notice the archways, decorative windows and playful balconies. The house enables natural light to flow through and give all rooms a warm and comfortable feel.


The house has been designed by A.L.J. Goethals, the son of a local contractor who, after working for his father as well as studying the craft of building, went on to study architecture in both Rotterdam and Brussels. It is in that latter city where he first worked on a house built in Jugendstil and took quite a liking to the style. Once returned to Middelburg, he and his father founded the company C.A. Goethals & Son, a design and construction company. One of the very first buildings they were commissioned to construct was the office of J.A. Zip van Teylingen, a trades firm based in Middelburg, where one of the sons of van Teylingen the elder worked. This office in Middelburg is an eclectic mix of styles, Jugendstil on the bottom but a more medieval castle-style on top. Goethals kept on developing his style, first building offices but slowly moving towards the design and construction of houses.

Villa Magnolia was commissioned in 1910 under public tender. The bid was first won by a local construction company that during the process of building the Villa faced bankruptcy. It was then that C.A. Goethals & Son stepped in and finished the Villa themselves, to the highest standards possible. It was stated in the initial conditions that all paint used should be of the highest quality and no layer will be put on before the former has dried completely.  The attention for detail by A.L.J. Goethals is the foundation that we built our business on. We carry on his tradition combining the grandeur and attention with modern day comforts.

Farm 't Hof Janse

In 2013 Villa Magnolia acquired the Farm ‘t Hof Janse. This neighbouring property was built in the late 19th century to accommodate a family of farmers. The property has remained within that family for over a century and has always remained an active farm.  When the last denizen passed on the farm and its lands were acquired by Villa Magnolia. Together with London based HBA/HirshBednerAssociates we renovated the farm in keeping with the19th century style but with all modern comfort and amenities.

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