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What to do in the neighbourhood

Through this link you can already get a taste of what awaits in Oostkapelle. The best restaurants in the area, the cleanest beaches and nicest markets can be found here.


Ask any Dutch person what the best way is to get around and they will tell you that it’s by bike. Everywhere you will go, you will find bike lanes and routes to bring you to the nearest city or resting spot. And don’t worry if you cannot bring your own bike along. Villa Magnolia offers great quality rental bikes, both regular bikes and e-bikes, with hand brakes. Upon your request we can arrange for children’s bikes and seats, tandem bikes and tricycles.
Wind in Zealand can be strong, being as close to the sea as we are, but leave it up to the Dutch to find a way around it. The electric bike will take you where you need to go and offers you the possibility to explore those quaint roads without peddling too much. Villa Magnolia offers you the opportunity to rent these bikes at the hotel. In most big cities you will find guarded bike parks to stall your bike whilst you explore the town by foot or sit down for a nice meal. Many of those also offer the possibility to recharge your electric bike. There is a vast network of bike-cafés in Walcheren that are suited to the needs of the cycler. Small repairs can be done there, and they are the perfect place to charge your body, mind and bike. On the grounds at Villa Magnolia, there are multiple covered storage areas for your bike. Please do take note that these storage areas cannot be locked. You might not expect it, but we predict your car will hardly leave our parking once you’ve arrived.


There is a vast network of hiking and walking paths in the area of Villa Magnolia. In the woodlands, at the start and finish of these routes you’ll find the lay-out of the paths. The tracks are easily followed with coloured markers on both sides of the road.
In the Villa, you can find many brochures and routes as well in our information section just off the central hall. And please feel very welcome to ask our staff for their tips and favourite routes.


You’ll find that many of the towns and villages near Oostkapelle can all be reached by the N57. The proximity of these villages means you can spend the morning in Veere and the afternoon in Vlissingen, ending your day in Domburg before returning home to the Villa. Most cities have paid car-parks as well as parking possibilities along the road, with the one exception of Veere, where cars are not allowed in the old centre.
All public car-parks are easily found by following the P-sings spread across the towns. Please keep in mind that parking fees are steep.

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