Honesty Bar

Finish the day with a bite and a drink!

After a long day at the beach or in the historic centres of Veere and Middelburg, a refreshing drink as the sun is setting is the perfect accompaniment to the day closing. At Villa Magnolia, we offer you the freedom to mix your drinks to perfection, in our honesty bar that can be found in the villa’s original kitchen. You’ll find a wide selection of spirits and soft drinks as well as juices sourced from our local purveyor. The wines in the bar are selected by the former sommelier of Oud Sluis, a famed restaurant that when it closed its doors in 2013 had held 3 Michelin Stars over half a decade. To accompany your drink you will find a variety of sweets and snacks. Every product has its own story to tell. All of the products we offer are produced by family companies who have shaped their delicious goods over 100 years and are truly exceptional at what they do. 

Environmentally conscious and social

In the Honesty Bar we try to offer the products as much as possible with a view to the future. We've got products which are organic or made by local entrepreneurs. By looking in the menu it's obvious which products to choose to make a responsible choice. 

We kindly ask you to, when visiting our bar, write down whatever you’ve enjoyed. This will be added to your invoice at the end of your stay. If you sit down for a drink please keep the other guests in mind.

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