Meetings & Events

Create memories and business deals at Villa Magnolia

Oostkapelle and its surroundings are known for the artists that settled here at the beginning of the 20th century. The attraction of Walcheren to artists has always remained and as a result you can find a strong artist community on the isle. 

Zealand is not only renowned for its artists, but for its traditional sweets and culinary tradition as well. We take pride in offering you the best local products, whether it is cheese or pastry. Our heritage and fishing traditions make Zealand a top destination for those who relish good food. 

We would like to share our passion for the arts and our love of good food with you. Per your request, we can organize special events such as wine tastings, weddings, memorial services and lectures. Villa Magnolia welcomes you as her guest during these memorable occasions. We invite you to make the most of your visit by booking a room in one of our characteristic accommodations. 

Our dedicated and hospitable team specializes in creating stylish gatherings. We are experienced in creating elegant memorial services.